Mint Fund 2024 Artist Roundtables & Grants

We’re ramping up Mint Fund efforts in 2024 with new initiatives to support artists. Since we began in 2021, Mint Fund has become a resource for artists from all over the world to onboard into crypto, receive funds to mint their works, and put their art onchain. This year, we continue on.

Artist Roundtables

Our hope is to create spaces for artists to come together, talk about their work, and become part of a community of like-minded peers. In a space that moves at lightspeed, fostering connections among artists, resource sharing, and mutual support is crucial for establishing enduring relationships. We want to become a hub for these types of interactions in 2024 with the introduction of Artist Roundtables.

Each month, we’ll host two Artist Roundtables. To participate, artists can submit a short application with information about their practice and the work they are interested in making. A curated selection of up to 10 artists will be invited to join each Roundtable. If selected, please come prepared to share a bit about your work, and with any questions about releasing your project on chain.

How to Apply

At the beginning of the month, we’ll open applications at Submit your application before the deadline and let us know which session you’re able to attend. We’re on the lookout to support artists who are undertaking ambitious projects and have works that they want to mint. Each session will include a range of artists working in a multitude of mediums from all over the world.

Once applications close, confirmation emails will be sent to selected artists to begin onboarding. If you’re not selected, you are welcome to apply again for an upcoming session.

Receiving a Mint Fund Grant

After each Artist Roundtable, we’ll send participating artists a $500 USDC grant to mint their work. The grant can be used towards the creation and minting of new work, on any chain or platform of an artist’s choosing.

Mint Fund will publish an editorial recapping all of the participating artists and works that were minted via grants to bring even more visibility to the artists.

Applications for May 2024 Artist Roundtables are due by Monday, May 13.